FoodTruck DC – is a company that targets people who are serious about their business.

Our mission is to show the way and help people who decide to enter the presentation of their ideas to step on it.

We will show you that you don’t have to worry, that the business model on wheels really works. This is also evidenced by the success stories of our customers who decided to start a food truck business. Customers who had their own businesses and decided to go out into the world, for example on a tour of Europe with their products. You are certainly familiar with Coca-Cola event trucks – so you know that this is not an American discovery, but that this concept also works for smaller businesses.

The FoodTruck DC project was created based on our own experience, we decided to bring uncompromising quality to the EU, which is sorely lacking here.

The project was created as a partnership at dealer level by combining many years of experience in the production of precise food and event trucks and business skills.

BANNERT is a manufacturer of top-quality food trucks and trailers, as well as of mobile shop bodyworks and specialized bodyworks. Thanks to many years of experience, we have developed a product that combines state-of-the-art technologies and a unique look.

BANNERT means a professional consultancy and customisation. We provide ideas and comprehensive solutions that distinguish us on the market. We value the quality of the materials applied and thus our products are durable and safe in use.

The company’s name is derived from our family name, so we are obliged to pay particular attention to creation of a reputable corporate image of BANNERT. In this way, we wish to guarantee reliable cooperation to all our customers, so that our products could be a part of your success in your mobile catering businesses.

Best regards,

For FoodTruck DC in the scope of the entire EU and USA – Dávid Čuboň and his wife Anna.
For the best quality producer in the EU – Marek Bannert and his wife Agniezska.