Story Begins

Once upon a time, in a bustling city, there was a man named Marek who had a passion for food and a knack for business. He had always dreamed of owning his own restaurant, but the high costs and risks involved made him hesitant to take the plunge. One day, while strolling through the city streets, he stumbled upon a food truck and was struck with an idea.

Marek realized that owning a food truck would allow him to showcase his culinary skills without the high overhead costs of a traditional restaurant. He quickly got to work, researching and designing his own food truck. He spent countless hours perfecting the menu, sourcing the freshest ingredients, and creating a unique brand that would stand out in the crowded food truck scene.

As he began to build his food truck, Marek realized that he had a talent for not only creating delicious food but also for designing and building the trucks themselves. He started to receive requests from other aspiring food truck owners who wanted him to build their trucks for them. Marek saw an opportunity and decided to pivot his business to become a producer of food trucks.

With his keen eye for design and his culinary expertise, Marek quickly became the go-to producer of food trucks in the city. His trucks were not only functional and efficient but also visually stunning, with eye-catching designs that drew in customers from all over.

As his business grew, Marek began to expand his offerings beyond just food truck production. He started to offer consulting services to new food truck owners, helping them to navigate the complex regulations and logistics of the industry. He also began to offer catering services, bringing his delicious food to events and parties all over the city.

Despite his success, Marek never lost sight of his passion for food. He continued to experiment with new recipes and flavors, always striving to create something unique and delicious. His food trucks became known not just for their stunning designs but also for the mouth-watering food that they served.

As the years went by, Marek’s business continued to thrive. He had become a staple in the city’s food scene, known not just for his delicious food but also for his innovative designs and his willingness to help others succeed in the industry. And though he had never opened his own restaurant, Marek knew that he had found his true calling as a producer of food trucks.

Even clever people find their way to a clever person. David is one of them. David whose story is similar to Marek’s. He also started in a smaller old food truck, but selling cakes, because he didn’t have the money to open his own business – a coffee shop.

It gradually developed and gained a base of people. Demands from people were getting bigger and David knew that he had to offer people a quality corresponding to the quality of his cakes and coffee. He was looking for the best manufacturer of foodtrucks and foodtrailers in Europe. He wanted the best food truck – this time without compromise.

After a long search, he finally met Marek. He bought his first quality gastro trailer from Marek. He brought him to Slovakia. It aroused great interest among people, because such quality had never been seen in Slovakia before.

Dávid decided to cooperate with Marek and offered him a partnership at dealer level. Together with Marek, Dávid builds awareness of quality products from Marek’s workshop not only in Europe but also in the USA.

Marek Bannert
Dávid Čuboň

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